Blue Lake–last look

The 2016 Blue Lake Experience is over for me. The heat, the sand, the mice and chipmunks and spiders and wasps are just memories. But so are the wonderful kids we work with and their beautiful work and the great colleagues. I debate every year over whether I’m going back or not, but if you asked me today I would give you an emphatic yes!

The art show is our final event and we totally fill the hall with student art from all departments. And some is obviously art from inexperienced artists who are stretching their skills and some is surprisingly mature for such young students! They always amaze us.

I got a couple of shots of our recital pieces, but Stacy’s was covered in plastic to keep the clay damp until it could be fired. You can almost see her silhouette of the artist and her trombone…

BL 16 20 BL 16 14 BL 16 13

And I caught just a couple samples of the show…

BL 16 18 BL 16 17 BL 16 15

I always have several favorite pieces, but only took a picture of this one this year.

BL 16 19

It was a solid example of our ‘fabric beads on a woven background’ idea.

These kids are awesome!

Now to get back into my ‘regular’ work frame of mind…


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    • There are some students who absolutely love working with fibers and I am so fortunate to be able to work with them. They are all surprised by how repetitive some aspects are (like, booooring!) *and* by their finished products!


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