AQS Grand Rapids

Quilt shows are always inspirational for me. I may be an art quilter now, but I started out in the traditional way and I love all quilts! However, I don’t try to take pictures of every single quilt or even of all the winning quilts. I only take a few pictures of quilts that really appeal to me and I’ll share those with you.

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One of my personal inspirational quilters, Diane Hire, had this quilt in the show.

AQS GR16 4

There is an incredible amount of detail and embellishment that you would need a year to study!

AQS GR16 6 AQS GR16 7

And there were a lot of crystals still shining brightly, but the sparkle of the beads on this piece just drew me like a moth to the flame!

AQS GR16 15

AQS GR16 16

I want to make one like this!

My pocketbook didn’t suffer too much damage at the show, though there were lots of good vendors. They won’t survive on what I spend, but I tried to help a bit!

Playtime and goofing off are now officially done. It’s time to finish up my stack of partials that I’d like to have done for my show/sale in October.

But, really, how can I call it work when I enjoy doing it so much?


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    • It’s a wonderful show and I enjoy going. I go to the one in Daytona Beach when we are in FL and I have been to the one in Des Moines. As I said, I’m no longer a traditional quilter but I love all quilts!


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