Ummm….sometimes it takes a while

I’m not always the brightest bulb on the string. I’ve been advocating things like using multiple shades of a fabric rather than a single shade for your project, using many colors rather than just one, variety is what makes your work sing….I’ve always said that I’m an eclectic beader and will use any bead that fits the theme.

Today I was working on a beading project and trying to keep the beads in a similar color family. Technically, each one of these tubes of beads is a different shade.

Combine beads 1

When you have a big collection of beads, your storage system is designed to keep everything separate while accommodating lots of variety. So while I was beading, I was still trying to preserve the distinct colors. Then I had the “DUH” moment…WHY did I need to keep them separate? I was blending them on the project and if I didn’t use them all I’d be left with tiny bits of multiple colors.  Mix, mix, mix and whatever would be left would be a beautiful mixed set. Win-win!

Combine beads 2

And it makes it so much easier to use when they are already mixed together. How could I have worried so much over keeping colors separate? It’s so rare that I USE them separately and isn’t it always better to use multiple shades of a color instead of just one–as I have been advocating!!!!

Combine beads 3

Yes, sometimes it takes a while for what I have actually been doing in real life to catch up with the part of my brain that puts things into words. At least this time I didn’t have my “Duh” moment out in public, doing something that would embarass my children! Phew!


2 thoughts on “Ummm….sometimes it takes a while

  1. I think that your brain actually works against you. It tries to organize things into groups and you have to go against the natural inclinations that it offers. That is why you are an artist.


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