Dithering decision dilemna…as usual

There is always a point in a project when I can’t easily make a decision on what to do next. Well, truth be told, usually there are several points like that! I’m trying to work down a pile of almost finished projects and I keep hitting that decision wall. Aaargh!

I did manage to get the labels and sleeves put on this pair of pieces.

CS sewing day final

Still not sure if I made the right decision to not put beads on them, but I think that was the best look.

I also got the Blue Lake art/music project finished and mounted. Ready to get it delivered to Ron, the art director, so that it can go back to camp.

BL art project final

And the beading is done on this next piece. My original plan was to mount these on 16 x 20 canvases with the plaid fabric wrapped and as background.

Damask projects 3

The damask is actually bigger than 16″ across, so do I go bigger with the piece? Not mount it on the canvas and just make a tapestry of it? Trim the damask and show more of the plaid?

Damask projects 4

See—decisions! And I have 4 of those napkins, planning to mount them all the same way….hmmmmm!

And then I started beading the second napkin

Damask projects 1

with this pile of mixed beads

Damask projects 2

and I’m dithering on how much beading to fill it in with! And the design for this one doesn’t lend itself to cutting down the size of the napkin to fit better on the canvas.

And THAT’S why I have a big pile of unfinished pieces waiting for me!



6 thoughts on “Dithering decision dilemna…as usual

  1. My humble thoughts……the plaid, though the right color scheme….doesn’t feels too country for the piece……ditch it and highlight just the beatiful work as is.


    • Well, you know how it is when you get an idea in your head…you don’t even see things as obvious as ditching the plaid and doing something else! Good thing I have savvy friends who can make those suggestions to me. Wow! All the possibilities are open again! Thanks!


  2. My head is spinning with all these projects. Your sewing machine must be smoking hot. It will take some time to get all this show ready and mounted on canvas. But I am sure you will get it all done eventually.


    • And the majority of it is all hand work, with more hand work to be done to finish it. I have time before my show, but I also have a trip to teach and I’m trying to get a few days down in FL with my mom! Where are those 36 hour days when you need them?


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