Beading is slow work

My largest damask piece is getting a lot of teeny, tiny beads. Not for a specific design reason. Nope, just because I had ’em!

Guess what? Beading takes a looooong time, especially with teeny, tiny beads!

Damask brights 1

I keep stitching and stitching and stitching and I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.

I’m posting this beginning picture again, so that I have the visual evidence!

Damask projects 1

It’s gonna be a while before this is done!


8 thoughts on “Beading is slow work

  1. Yes, it is slow, but it will be worth it. One way to speed it up a little is to put three or four beads on the needle at one time to make little clusters.


    • Most of this is covered by a 3-bead picot stitch, but the beads are sooooo teeny, tiny that there is really no way to speed it up too much. It’s only wishful thinking on my part for it to go faster!!!


    • I wish I could, but that would only give me a lap full of beads. However, I do have a table, chair and light in the living room so that I can enjoy ‘quality family time’ in front of the TV with hubby!!!


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