Beading–slow, but finished!

All that whining about how long the beading was taking, was just that…whining! It really didn’t take that long to finish the piece, a few days, off and on.

Damask multi 1

Then I started playing with background choices. This was my original plan, for all the damask pieces.

Damask multi 3

There is barely enough contrast for this to work, but I easily found a better choice, which-alas!-didn’t photograph particularly well! I didn’t set up any good lighting!

Damask multi 4

Much better and now I only need to decide if I want a simple quilted background, or plain fabric and whether or not it will be mounted on canvas or left as a tapestry. I’m leaning toward quilted and mounted.

I took another look at the first piece I beaded also.

Damask leaves 1

It totally fades into that background and even a strong teal outline on the napkin would not be enough.

Damask leaves 2

This is much better, but I’m still thinking that perhaps just the beaded strip might be better than the whole square.

Damask leaves 3

Or maybe that strip and the cut off portion mounted with a gap between them…but I’m not ready to make that cut yet!

I’m feeling good about making some real progress. Finishing decisions are only a few steps further along the design path and there will be totally finished pieces soon…I’m gonna challenge myself to have 3 of the 5 done in two weeks and all 5 done before my next teaching trip in 5 weeks.

Uh-oh–that quick look at the calendar made me realize how close my Artisan Showcase really is. It sounds like a lot of time when you say October 22, but when you look at the actual days and the pile of unfinished pieces…uh-oh!


4 thoughts on “Beading–slow, but finished!

  1. Oh how I long for the touch of beads in my hands….your pieces inspire me even more. Now after 3 months my right eye is still not able to focus and the vision is filled with a huge debris field of dozens and dozens of floaters on a gray background… very, very frustrating. So, I’m enjoy beading through you right now!!


  2. I understand how hard these decisions are. When it comes down to the wire and you have to actually stick with your decisions, it is a tough call. But everything looks good. You will figure it out.


    • The execution is the easy part—once the decision is made! I’m gonna wait until I have all 5 pieces beaded and then decide if I want to keep them similar or all very different. I whine and complain, but I really do love the process!


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