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Continuing on with the damask napkins, I’m at a point where input would be appreciated! I need to remember that the point of this was to combine traditional quilting designs, non-traditional colors on the luscious damask, hand stitching and beads.

Damask scroll 1

Notice how the thread on the edge has picked up the turquoise color? That will be finished off with a much darker color, no matter what else I do with this.

Now, what do you think —does this area need more beading?

Damask scroll 2

And there’s overall too much empty green space. Here’s what I’m thinking–cut a square out of the top right area, which I’ll mark with the little glow sticks before I actually cut! Add more beads in one of the following configurations, dark stitched border around each piece, mounted on a dark teal background. Ready for your opinions and comments–go!!!

Damask scroll 3 #1

Damask scroll 4 #2

Damask scroll 5 #3

I have done a lot of self-talking on this one and I have reasons and opinions on each configuration. I’m very interested in how others feel about them.

In the meantime, I have one more of the smaller ones to bead and then one larger piece, same colors, different fabric, to bead before I move on the final finishing decisions. I feel like I’m making slow but steady progress and that feels good!!!


8 thoughts on “Next in the series

  1. I got your post early this morning, but wanted to wait a bit – in order to think about it – before commenting. I’m thinking more beads, too – but maybe not exactly like you may be thinking. The orange circle you put on the pic to indicate the area clued me in. So what I’m thinking is some orange-rust color beads – but on the OUTSIDE curves of the lovely quilting – wouldn’t have to completely outline it – just highlight some of the curves, both outer and inner. Like another poster, if you did something in the upper right corner, I’d go for something more curvilinear and similar in shape to what you already have. I think anything else might detract from what you already have so beautiful! And like she said, free advice is worth only what it cost you, or possibly less!


    • I will definitely try your suggestion. I’ve been so focused on keeping things in the same series and colorway that I’ve been blind to other options. And it would be simple to add the same basic shape in the upper right, done only in beads, no feathers. Even more to think about now!


  2. I like the minimal beading on this one, to be honest. At first, I didn’t think it needed anything in that corner, with the beautiful hand quilting you did. But if I were going to add something, I might consider echoing the shape of the feathers with a curving v at an angle up there. My 2 cents worth. (Remember- free advice is usually not worth what you paid for it. 🙂


    • I always value free advice because I can absorb the content but not have to do anything if I choose not to! However, I’m pretty sure there will be more beads. Just don’t know how heavily it will be beaded in the end!


  3. Well, this is quite a challenge. Because the background has a lot going on, I think you did a good job on keeping the beads minimal. On the other hand, the pattern is not bold, but rather subtle. It will not steal the show. I think you could make some interesting finishes by using more beads. You already have a good focal point with the traditional quilting design.


  4. #3 and yes, more beads. It looks spotty at the moment. Aw gee-know you’re disappointed that it needs more beads! So beautiful.


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