Dye day prep

As if I didn’t feel like my to-do is too long to get to-done…I’m trying to squeeze in another dyeing day with my friends. Do I actually need to dye more fabric? Of course not. I just want to have fun!

Stitched resist shibori has captured my attention so I’m going to try some of that on dye day. It’s not something that you decide and do immediately, because the stitching does take a bit of time. These pieces of bright, bright yellow were headed for some soy wax and overdyeing but they are taking a detour to stitching.

Shibori yellow stitch 1

I’ve read just enough about this technique to know that I don’t know much about it, but here goes! I drew a leaf outline with vein lines on this piece and stitched around it.

Shibori yellow stitch 2

I know enough to make the vein lines separate threads from the outside line and that you have to pull the threads very tight! Here’s what it looks like now, waiting for the dye pot.

Shibori yellow stitch 4

Then I looked at some techniques and patterns online and thought I’d go for basic plain lines and see how that looks.

Shibori yellow stitch 3

Hmmmm…how about trying some pleats and making a double line? That might be more interesting and if it doesn’t work out quite right, it will still have some kind of curvy line!

Shibori yellow stitch 8

And it doesn’t look like much when it’s all gathered up either!

Shibori yellow stitch 9

This technique often combines stitch and clamping, so I’m going to try that–in a very simple way, of course.

Shibori yellow stitch 5 Shibori yellow stitch 6 Shibori yellow stitch 7

And just for fun, I tied knots in the corners of this piece and we’ll see what happens there!

Shibori yellow stitch 10

Hope to get some appealing results. If I do, I might actually do a bit of serious research on the technique and try to intentionally create an interesting pattern.

Learning new things is always such fun!


6 thoughts on “Dye day prep

    • If this works well, I’ll be sure to explore more ‘regular’ or formal stitch resist. It seems simple–how hard is a running stitch?–but we have yet to see how it works for the beginner!


  1. This should be interesting. I have done a little bit of this and even using the shiborri. Most things turned out good, but I had a few that didn’t. It is pretty much trial and error.


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