Dye day results Aug 2016

Since I’ve posted the results of so many dye days here, it seemed to need the date added! And d’ya know how some bloggers draw things out over several days to make sure you keep coming back? Well, that’s not me. I’m gonna tell you all about it, right now!!

First off, I was anxious to see how my stitched shibori pieces came out and it’s something that I think I will explore further. The simple curved lines showed up best.

Stitched shibori dyed 3 Stitched shibori dyed 4

The piece where I only stitched on the ends and then folded and clamped a shape on the middle came out all right.

Stitched shibori dyed 2 Stitched shibori dyed 1

The stitched leaf outline had a mixed result. Some of the lines showed up very well and some did not. Can’t state a definitive reason why, but I think it’s usually due to not pulling the threads tight enough.

Stitched shibori dyed 5 Stitched shibori dyed 6

There will be more experiments with stitched shapes!

I’m thrilled with the wine-bottle shibori! Click on the link for more details.

Wine bottle shibori 3

It opens the door for me to do small batches of shibori, multiple colors–no more big buckets, PVC pipes and single color for efficiency. I probably should say that any large bottle will work, but it’s more fun to think about drinking the wine before you use the bottle for shibori.

Had a couple of failures…disappointing. Previously dyed damask napkins, and I didn’t like the color. Then I tried some soy wax patterns on them and went with a dark overydye. Yuck!

Damask failure 1 Damask failure 2

Don’t know that there’s anything I can do to save these. But I was completely in love with these next two pieces. Again, previously dyed, and now waxed and overdyed.

Waxed planets

This was simply wax splattered on the fabric before overdyeing! I’ve always loved paint splatters, so I really love this one!

Wax splattered

Love ’em and can’t wait to use ’em!

AND I finally remembered to locate and use my packages of cheesecloth! I’ve been wanting to get some dyed up and either put it where I couldn’t find it when I wanted it, or forgot I had it. I thought I had a disaster on my hands, though, when I first took it out of the dryer. A pile of crunched up threads…

Cheesecloth crunched

But it opened up just fine and now I have a wonderful rainbow of dyed cheesecloth.

Cheesecloth opened

There were some other pieces, of course, but nothing that I particularly loved OR hated.

The real gem of the day however, was a reminder by my friend, June, that you never really have to USE the fabric that you dye or paint or screen or marble or manipulate. The joy is in the process of creating!

And this was such a joyful day!!!


8 thoughts on “Dye day results Aug 2016

  1. LOVE them. The line, the colors, all of it. However… I’d probably not be able to cut into them to use… what’s wrong with me??? LeeAnna


  2. I won’t put my cheese cloth in the dryer next time. Mine got all fuzzy and it doesn’t look very “crisp”. I love how it takes color though! Yours looks great.


  3. Wow. Great post. Love the shibori most of all. I have done these same experiments. I had better results on the cheese cloth when I just used an eyedropper and dropped different colors onto the scrunched cloth.


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