Always something…

Thankfully, there IS always something to do in my creative life! I’m still trying to work down that stack of almost finished pieces. I’d like to have them all done for my Artisan Showcase on Oct. 22. I have to remind myself that that does NOT mean I have until the 22nd to finish, since I have to clean and set up also!

This came to the top of the stack as an easy finish. Plan was clear from the beginning, so no wishy-washy decisions for me to make.

Gingoes again 1

I do have on ongoing love affair with gingkoes, so this will not be the last gingko piece I do!

Gingoes again  detail

This one is mounted on a 16 x 20 canvas.

I also completed the first of the napkin pieces (except for the sleeve and label). I have made some decisions about the whole series, starting with the BORING quilting of the backgrounds! All are the same size, 25″ square and will be mounted whole. I had thought about cutting a couple of them into pieces, mounted on the squares, but nixed that idea after prepping this one.

Imperfect Beauty I 1

It is delightfully imperfect. Absolutely no way to make that napkin perfectly square, so that is going to be part of the series, In All It’s Imperfect Beauty. Piece 2 has even more noticeable imperfections, so I’m liking it a lot!

Imperfect Beauty II 1

Piece 3 needs more…

Original plan…

Imperfect Beauty III 1

Revised idea

Imperfect Beauty III 2

I don’t have any more of some of the beads I used, so I think the top part will just be an outline of embroidery with a bare minimum of beads towards the center. If I end up having to hunt for some more beads…well, I’m up for that, too!

Piece 4 in the series has been a puzzle for me for beading. I haven’t liked any bead combination that I’ve tried so far. I think I’m narrowing it down, but I’ll try some of it out before I totally commit to it. If I like it, you’ll be the first to know!

And even as I’m completing a few pieces from the stack, I’m finding more! 5 or 6 little Christmas tree pieces that only need a few beads and an edge finish. Christmas stuff might be appropriate for my visit to Florida…95 degree days…ho ho ho!


10 thoughts on “Always something…

  1. Kathy, the ginkgo leave are like a ballet – graceful lines, mirroring and reaching out to each other. Really enjoy the interplay of bead and stitch work.


  2. I, too, have an affinity for ginkgoes and have used them in several pieces. Yours is lovely. I didn’t see the beading around the edges until I saw the closeup. Beautiful! I also like the napkin series, what a great idea.
    I wish your pictures were clickable so that I could see them even bigger. Can you do that on WordPress. I can on Blogspot.


    • I’ve seen pictures of some of your gingkoes, too, and they are lovely. And wordpress does let you put pictures in so they are clickable…I’ve just never taken the time to learn the correct steps to do that! Perhaps I should!


  3. I think you made some good choices. Some things are always just a judgement called by trial and error. I tell my painting students that the final finish is always the best. The one where you have done all you planned to do and take that final judgement call.


    • I like the napkins so much that I’m seriously looking for more! I have two that I totally ruined with bad dye, so I’ve learned that those lighter colors work better. This series may never end!


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