Tipped over

So happy to finally have Imperfect Beauty III all beaded up and ready to mount. In fact, I’m so happy about it that I couldn’t wait to press it and trim it before I put it here on the blog!

Imperfect Beauty III 4

And thanks to the advice of my savvy daughter, it will be set on point. She is totally correct–it absolutely needs to be this way!

The little circle flower in the center actually works to connect the two corner embroidery areas.

Imperfect Beauty III 5

Mounting on the background and we’re done with number 3 of 4. Progress is being made and there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. At this point in the process, I’m tired of looking at these and can’t wait for them all to be done! I get that way at some point in every project, so I don’t get distressed over it anymore. It’s simply going to happen with every single piece I do. Eventually I get over it and love the project again!

BUT…now I have to go to town on piece number 4 and that’s the one that’s given me the most angst about the beading. Back to pondering, but not for too long. It’s got to get done!


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    • I ended up taking a night off–how did you know?!!!! Tried to start on the next one in the series and it just didn’t look good. I may need to switch to another project for a bit!


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