Let’s do something different!

This is the finished Imperfect Beauty III piece…and I like it!!!


But I am NOT finding beads that I like for the fourth member of this group. Nothing looks right, so I think it’s time to step away for a bit and try something different.

The next project on my almost-finished stack is a fat quarter that I painted well over a year ago. I like it so much that I decided I couldn’t cut it up and will finish it whole cloth.


It was on a stiff interfacing but I switched it out to batting because I wanted to add hand stitching. The orange circles are going to be the focus.


So, of course, I had to get out some orange beads…and these are only the ones that weren’t too red!


I narrowed it down a bit, but I really couldn’t decide on only one.


There was the possibility that some specialty beads would help…


…and that didn’t happen!

My final decision on beads was to mix those beads that I couldn’t decide about. Not really too much of a stretch, since they are all the same size and in the same color family. The variety comes with some being opaque, some clear glass and some faceted glass.


Thank goodness for my daughter’s input once again…she said she thought there would be more incomplete circles. She is so savvy!

Here’s the plan for tomorrow, then. Remove some beads for partial circles. Add some orange stitching for both partial and complete circles and continue beading, partial and full circles.

It really is necessary for me to switch between projects all the time! It refreshes my brain and allows me to remain enthusiastic through the boring parts of long projects. I’m ready for some happy work time now!


6 thoughts on “Let’s do something different!

  1. I liked the paint marks, have you thought about not covering them up but echoing them, or just adding more beaded circles in addition to the painted ones. It is a really great piece of fabric.


  2. Yes, you have many problems to solve when you have so much going on. When I have this kind of variety and business, I ask myself what I can do to unify this as a whole. The beads will have to be what unifies it. So you have to create a path for the eye to follow using the bead placement. Quite a challenge.


    • Everything I do seems to be too busy! And so I’m guessing that’s part of my ‘style’ and I have to work with it and solve those problems. Hoping the orange color and intensity will do the job!


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