Painted abstract with no name and orange circles…yep, it’s finished. It has no name, which is not normal for me. But it has orange, my favorite, so it’s good!


At first glance, it really shows as orange circles. As you get closer, you can see that not all are completed circles.


And up really close, you can tell that there is a variety of orange shades.


Since you can’t tell sizes by the pictures I post, this one is mounted on a 16 x 20 canvas. I’ll be totally happy as soon as I think of a name for it!

Aaaaaand…on to the next! This one will also be 16 x 20 and the print “border” that shows in the photo won’t show. That’s what I pull around the canvas and staple on the back.


No name for this one either and I’m not even sure what beads will show up on it, but it’s the next one on the pile and so it’s decision time. NO more procrastinating!

And the unfinished pile is actually getting smaller!


10 thoughts on “Orange…sigh…yesssss!

  1. I see many works of art that have “Untitled” on them as the name. No problem. I see that you figured out how to unify your painted piece with a pattern of orange. I see this in a lot of abstract art. It is one of the Principles of Design. Good job.


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