Disappointment and dilemna

An older project came to the top of the unfinished stack today and I’m excited to get it finished. It only needed binding and beads. Easy, peasy, right?

Desert City Sunset 8

Here’s one of the in-process photos. I worked hard on this, had a clear vision of what I wanted from the beginning and really looked forward to the finished piece.

I have been collecting beads that I wanted to have on the piece. Lots and lots of beads…


Got the binding on and tried to add the first few beads. TRIED is the operative word here! Between the fusing and the grid quilting, I absolutely could not get any beads sewn on this piece. Really, really impossible.

Wow! What am I going to do now? And to add to the ugliness, I pinned it back up on the design wall while I plan on a little brain-storming and it was noticeably NOT the same size at each end. One end was a full inch bigger than the other! And I could have sworn that I had it all square and even when I put it on that unfinished pile. I am totally bummed out about this and I really, really hate doing things like ripping off binding. Lots of problem solving will be happening with this one and it may not make it to the Artisan Showcase.

It needs to sit in the “I’ll-get-to-it-when-I-feel-like-it” pile now.

And this is another good reason to have more than one project ready to work on at any given moment! I DO have other things to concentrate on while this one occupies the back of my brain for a while.


8 thoughts on “Disappointment and dilemna

  1. I see no problem with using glue. In fact, I have even glued areas where there were a long string of beads on a curve, just to make sure they did not get loose and drift offline. Had to glue some beads on edges where my beads wrapped around. Glue is good. I use a product called Jewel It.


    • I have some pretty heavy beads that I want to use on this one so it makes me wary of glue, but I know that there are some good ones out there. I have nothing to lose by experimenting because it sure isn’t working the way it is!


    • I’ve never been one to trust glue, but I’ve had some input from several folks and that may happen. More likely to bead through the back and put a new back on to cover up the threads!


  2. There seems to be enough room to square the quilt to size without impacting the design…..though I do feel for you…..removing binding is such a step back!! A trick I often used when beading just didn’t work or fit into a design was to bead the binding instead…..it adds the pizzaz you may need and helps to visually frame the piece.


    • There is no big problem squaring up the quilt….I just didn’t feel like redoing the binding at that moment! And the beading solution is to bead it as if it didn’t have a back and put a new back on it. In my head, I know I can do it. I’m not certain that in my heart I *want* to do it!


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