BIG problem–solved!

And it’s not my most recent issue with the fused, not-square, impossible to bead piece!

Probably the oldest unfinished object on the to-do pile, I had a lot of concerns on how to fix the issues with this one. I checked and this one was last worked on in February…that’s a long time for me to leave something sit.

FL paint leaf 17

I think you can tell from this next picture that there’s a bit of warpage going on after my intense quilting.


I tried every stretching and blocking technique I knew and there was no hope to make it flat. So I decided to cut it and overlap the stem and leaf sections. What did I really have to lose? If I couldn’t make it lay flat, I could always cut it into sections and use them for backgrounds for something else. But it still took a deep breath before I could make that first cut!


I overlapped and flattened and pinned and proceeded to quilt it down in the circle area. I am so careless sometimes! I had the wrong color bobbin thread in–really wrong!– and had to spend a couple of hours ripping out 10 minutes of quilting. But the second time, I did a better job of it!


You can hardly tell where the overlap is, until you get really, really close up.


I added heavy couching around the cut leaf parts along with couched leaf centers and a heavy center stem. It worked quite well!


You can see that it really makes a difference in how big this piece will be when I finally square it up. It will be more like this when finished.


The whole piece started out at about 45″ square and will probably end up about 34-36″. There is more quilting to finish around the outside edges, which I can happily do now that I know how big I’ll make it.

Decisions still to be made…edge finish. I can go conventional with binding, non-traditional with cording, even a sculptural corded edge, or faced. Original plan was corded, either straight or sculptural and I’m probably going to stick with that idea.

Original plan also was to add lots of beading. I’m not sure if I want to do that now. I’m kinda liking this just the way it is. AND I want it to be done, done, done!!! I’ll finish up the quilting and go ahead with an edge plan because this one can definitely still be beaded after the rest of that finishing work. OR I may quit right there, depending on the mood of the moment when I get those last stitches in!



10 thoughts on “BIG problem–solved!

  1. Oh your issue and solution are soooo very familiar to me after I had to cut a 4″ section from a recent project. I always say…….there are no mistakes…..just design opportunities. Great recovery and great piece!


    • First time I had to cut into something like this…scary! I was very tempted to leave it wavy, but it was simply too, too bad. And now I have the confidence to cut, if I have to again!!!


  2. You did a beautiful job of fixing the quilt. Anyone who didn’t know about your problems would see a wonderful completed piece. It definitely can stand on its own with no embellishing. Congratulations.


    • Thanks, Jan. It’s hanging on my design wall right now, waiting for the final finishing decisions. Whenever I look over at it, I think it’s done, no further embellishment needed. Now to finish the edge and make it *really* be done!


  3. That must have been a nerve-wracking cut. What a gorgeous piece. I don’t know if beading might be a ‘bit much’ with this one, I think the complexity of the colours are just wonderful as they are. Good luck with getting it done!


  4. Congratulations on the courage to cut! Looks great. An episode of The Quilt Show (on line) featured an award winning quilter taking a beautiful mondern-style finished top and slicing it up! She put the blocks back together in a different order/orientation, and it looked even better.
    Brenda Rigdon


    • That cut was hard to make, but it needed to be done. I think it would be easier to cut into many pieces and re-assemble than trying to make it look like it was never cut!


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