Geodes again

But I’m not talking about those lovely geodes that come from the Gem and Mineral Show.

Pink white 2

One of the things we did with the kids at Blue Lake this summer was to make geodes out of wool roving. It’s pretty easy to do. You make a super jumbo stack of roving, any and all colors. Then you roll and stuff it into a small bag, tie it tightly and run it through the washer and dryer.

I used a lot of the brightest colors I could find and the unsplit geode came out pretty darn lovely.


Now you generally only split a geode into two halves and enjoy the loveliness of the inside. And it was indeed lovely. But my plan was to make several thin slices–harder to do than I thought–and use them in a similar manner to the stone slices.


They are bold and bright and they can be sewn through or have beads added or…or…or…


I love new and exciting possibilities!


6 thoughts on “Geodes again

    • I used an Exacto knife, but that was not the best tool–just what I had. You need the razor blade sharpness to get through that felted wool. I’m sure I’ll find something better my next time wandering the aisles of the hardware store!


  1. If you wrap a pebble in the middle of the roving when you are making your ball you will have more of a true geode with a hollow centre. Beady possibilities? What sort of bag did you use? I put mine into cut up tights (panty hose?) and found it difficult to peel these off after washing because the strands of wool had crept through the hose. May be I tied it too tight?


    • I didn’t know about wrapping a pebble in the middle…maybe next time, but this was primarily a project for students at camp. Used a cotton bag and my teaching partner ‘unbagged’ them so I don’t know if it was hard or easy! I don’t think you can tie it too tight. If it comes untied, the balls explode! I am planning on mounting and beading…just don’t have all the specifics in my head right now!


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