Holes in Quilts part 2

Circles! I want to make big hole-y circles! More than a single hole in my piece of fabric, like the rectangle I just did.

Dark fabric is attracting my attention today, so I started with this.


I cut a bunch of squares (about 3.5″, but remember that size is optional–whatever you want to work with!) and placed them on the main fabric where I wanted my holes to be. And that’s where I made a rookie mistake.


I wasn’t going to try any overlapping or partial circles, but notice how I artfully angled each of the squares? Didn’t want everything facing the same direction. Forgot that I was going to do circles…duh! no angles in circles! I was originally thinking square holes and the angling would have been cool. However, this is only facing, so it really didn’t hurt anything.

Created the holes the same way as the earlier rectangle. Stitched around each drawn circle and cut out the centers through both layers. The main difference with a circle is that you need to clip all around the seam allowance, not just a clip in the corner!


Circles done and now to decide what I want to see behind them.

holes-in-quilts-16 holes-in-quilts-17 holes-in-quilts-18 holes-in-quilts-19

All those above were single pieces of fabrics and this next one has patches from a charm pack.


Don’t know yet what one I’ll go with but I want to try one more hole before the end of the day…holes today, finish later!



4 thoughts on “Holes in Quilts part 2

    • You know I always love orange. I looked at it again and I’m toying with a stamped geometric that is not shown. But…traveling right now and don’t know when I’ll get back to it and don’t know what direction I’ll end up going!


    • Fusing is great is you don’t care about raw edges and are not planning on trying to hand stitch through the fabric. That’s usually my choice, too, but sometimes you need to take the extra step to save yourself pain later!


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