Florida fun…

…or maybe not so much fun. I will be the absolute first to admit that I really hate the tropical climate of Florida. But that climate produces some of the most beautiful flora, and it’s different every time we are here.

From a stand of bamboo


to late blooming azaleas


Thought these were supposed to be spring flowers!

And then there is this perfectly colored hibiscus


Makes me think about doing a real nursery search to see if this color is available in a hardy hibiscus that I could enjoy in the cool of a Michigan summer!

No time to do much on this trip but try to enjoy my mom and make things better wherever we can. Trying to do some sewing, but it’s a problem…mostly because I have not been able to decide exactly what I want to do on this piece. I think I may have figured it out, though. It needs more embroidery, which I think gives it a bit of a lacy look.


With beads, of course! Couldn’t get my camera to focus close up ’cause I was in a hurry, but I’ll take more pictures when I get more done.

Little bit at a time, one bead at a time, one stitch at a time…keep on stitching!