Slow stitch and strange flowers

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my vintage napkin. The lacy effect looks really good to me.


Not finished, but so far I’ve been able to restrain myself and only use little tiny beads that give just a hint of sparkle.


The unfinished areas may get more beads and less lace for contrast, but I’m going to stick with only that one same tiny bead. Restraint–I may have finally found it!

I’ve also found some more Florida flowers that I’ve not seen before. So many of them look similar to what we have in Michigan, but the tropical climate makes such a difference in size alone. This one looks like it has the same floret as phlox.


But what I’ve seen is in big tall clumps like a hedge, so it seems a lot sturdier.


And then this flower looks like a petunia


but it’s sparse on the plant and it grows on tall woody stems.


And then there are those that look totally unlike anything we see at home!


Pretty, but also pretty unusual. The flowers grow into pods, maybe like lillies or rose hips.


Orange and red attract me as if I had hummingbird blood in my veins. The red here looks like a regular honeysuckle or trumpet vine, but tropically large.


There is another plant with a very similar flower that grows on a delicate fern like stem, much, much smaller.



If I ever intended to spend more than a short vacation down here, I’d probably want to learn more about all of these plants. In reality, I’m happy to look at them from an air-conditioned car or building and never learn how to grow or plant anything in the heat! Home soon and looking forward to it being fall and my favorite season. I even like the cool and rainy days they have had lately.

And, I’m sure, I’ll be snapping some photos of glorious fall leaves, sparkling in the sunshine!



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    • And I saw even MORE strange flowers today but didn’t stop to take pictures of them. It’s truly a whole different world in a tropical climate compared to what I know!


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