Barely begun

Decision made on how to proceed with this piece–kind of! Trying to be a little subtle, so I selected fabric with less contrast behind the circles. I’m starting embroidery with variegated floss in the same general color family.  And that’s as far as the decision process has gone.


I tell myself that leaves the door open for impromptu changes and spontaneous direction changes. I want beads, but don’t know where yet…

Back this morning from two weeks away and this is what I got done. Didn’t go through the mail and pay the bills, didn’t unload the car or teaching stuff or put anything away or do laundry. Took a nap, ate pizza for dinner and did a little sewing.

Tomorrow is soon enough to get back into the regular groove!


6 thoughts on “Barely begun

  1. Love the piece so far. And, Cleaning should be at the bottom of a creative person’s list…way, way, down there. (glances at you with a knowing grin)


    • Oh, yeah—you totally know how far down cleaning is on my list! However, I am having a show here on Oct. 22, so I will have to devote some serious cleaning time to the place!


    • Time should be as flexible as Einstein suggested that it might be…love to be able to spend more time with loved ones, have more sewing time and shrink that cleaning time down to nothing. Ooops–I have already done that with the cleaning!


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