Too many beginnings

My last post showed you the beginning of a new piece. Haven’t had a chance to touch it since. However, that didn’t stop me from getting distracted and starting yet another piece!

Bent over to pick this scrap up off the floor…


and as it hit the table top, a new idea was born. My little pile of African fabric squares was laying right there and they needed to be put together and one thing led to another…

Beads will be added on the organza strips but I’m not sure which background I’m going to use. Tell me which one you prefer!

african-mask-3 african-mask-2 african-mask-1

I truly can’t decide!


16 thoughts on “Too many beginnings

  1. I agree with Judy Ferguson. They are all equally good. Maybe a piping of another color around the group then black. Maybe a piping color 1 around just two sides and the another piping color around the other two sides.


  2. black …. definitely…It makes the piece appear to be moving into or out of it’s space or suspended in space.


  3. Have you tried an orange or a gold? I like the green one, but if it could be more “lime” in color, I think it would work better. And I always love black! Have fun!


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