Working on the UFO’s!

Since I have the Artisan Showcase coming in less than two weeks (yikes!) I need to finish what I can this week and clean and set up next week. I had a large pile of almost finished items and I’ve been whittling away at them. But in reality, each piece always takes a bit longer than I think it will and I know now that I will not get them all done. So the priority is to select those things closest to done and concentrate on finishes.

So when I can say DONE! it makes my day.





And someday I may learn my camera well enough to get clear close-up detail photos!


This next one only needs that pesky background mounting decision! I was thinking paint, but it may be mounted on fabric stretched over the canvas. I’m trying out different colors and fabrics and simply need to pull the trigger and go for it.

coral-reef-surprise-1 coral-reef-surprise-4 coral-reef-surprise-3 coral-reef-surprise-2

Again, I’ll ask for advice from all of you. However, when I laid out the orange wool, my heart went pitty-pat. It’s very, very bold, though. While that appeals to me, will it appeal to a buyer? Do I care? Should I care?

And I’m aiming for DONE!

10 thoughts on “Working on the UFO’s!

  1. It’s always tough to provide feedback from photos online…but I lean toward the pale blue background because of the gentle contrast. I find the white too stark, and the brown too dard. As for the red-orange — only if you want the eye to assume there’s little or no boundary on the bottom of the piece…in which case you might want to remove the facing on the bottom and just let it flow into the red-orange background. Just a thought…


    • I’m actually fine with less contrast along the bottom…I didn’t bother taking the edging off because the wild yarn actually covers it up. White and brown–I agree with your thoughts exactly. Blue just really didn’t work. I’ll be posting the finish tomorrow!

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  2. The orange and chocolate look nice, but parts of the quilt disappear on them. On the other two they do not distract from or take away from the piece. The blue appears to blend nicely while it jumps off the beige. Good luck on getting everything ready.


  3. Of the choices you have shown, the brown seems to appeal to me most. While I love burnt orange too, using it seems to make the bottom right of your piece, which is gorgeous, sort of “fall off” into the background. Waiting to hear others weigh in. I love that you ask for opinions! Of course, the only thing that matters, in the end, is what YOU think!


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