Same thing, different day!

Still frantically looking to get things finished for my Showcase next week. I’m opening drawers and bins that I haven’t touched for months! I found a few Christmas themed items that just needed a little bling and a finished edge, so I jumped on that boat! Remember putting sequins and beads on styrofoam balls to make ornaments? Well, somehow I acquired someone’s leftovers from a lifetime of those ornaments…it had to be a lifetime because no one could have that many leftovers from just a few ornaments!


Then I had a nightmare moment! I remembered my Rainbow piece that I had folded up and put on a shelf and it NEEDED to be done. And I couldn’t remember how much I had left to do on it and didn’t think I could possibly get it done!

So today was devoted to conquering the panic nightmare. I found where I had stashed the piece and found that I only had 6 more strips that needed embellishment and then an edging. HUGE sigh of relief, because that could be done today. And it is!


Well, except for a label and hanging sleeve, but I have several things that need those little details. Oh–here are some details from the rainbow.

rainbow-detail-2 rainbow-detail-1

Now if I can only remember what I had for a title, I’ll be all set and breathing a big sigh of relief!



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