Kicking back

…at least on  the sewing! Spending time housecleaning and that is no one’s favorite job!

I did manage to get what I’m calling a first layer of stitching done on the Hole-y Quilt.


Each circle hole has been surrounded! And I’m using the same variegated embroidery floss that I have been using for a couple of months now. I’m not sure I’ll ever use up this colorway, but I have learned a lesson: don’t dye so many skeins of floss on the same tray! This is giving me some great lost and found edges, though, and I’m happy with that.


This one is destined for a lot of embellishment, I do believe!

There is a bit of yard work to be done before Saturday, too. I don’t care about raking the falling leaves. Those colors are so beautiful that I don’t mind seeing them on the ground as well as in the trees. But my front walkway is very overgrown. The phlox and sedum are covering half the sidewalk and there is a decorative grass that has grown as high as my roof and wider than the plot it’s planted in. Trim, trim, trim!!!

Early in the mum season, before the buds had blossomed, I headed out to my favorite nursery to get some for gifts and for myself. I wanted yellow, and the tag SAID yellow…this is my ‘yellow’ mum!


It’s pretty, but not what I wanted. So yesterday I went back and got some real yellow!


Need to stick those in the spots where the zinnias are dying.

And then back to the “flat surface syndrome” cleaning. You know–wherever there is a flat surface in your home, things get piled up on it. Today they have to ALL get cleaned off.

Artisan Showcase is THIS Saturday!



6 thoughts on “Kicking back

  1. I love what you are doing with your stitching and beading on this one. One of my favorites. I have managed to use up enough stash that I actually have 3 empty containers. Now, if I can only resist filling them up again. lol


    • I have barely touched my stash…I have waaaay too much and I just can’t sew that fast. My goal for next year is to make full size quilts until I only have fabric on one set of shelves! You can keep inspiring me with your empty containers!


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