Zen Fun Day

Zentangles are not new, but I love ’em. Today I went over to USArtquest and took a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher! Like most everyone else who has done a zentangle, I’ve looked at info online and watched youtube and tried to do it on my own. Having a chance to learn from someone with a lot of experience was well worth it!

First, let me show you a couple pics of USArtquest. It’s a true feast for the eyes, everywhere you look!

artquest-zenday-2 artquest-zenday-1

In the classroom, we got a kit of drawing material and we were off tangling!


It is absolutely amazing to me how different everyone’s work can look. Same designs, same materials, and the hand of the artist! Totally unique.


And the same effect with the second set…


I didn’t try to get close ups or details on these for you. It was simply another fun time out day.

Looking forward to doing more of these, probably in fabric and stitch, too.



4 thoughts on “Zen Fun Day

    • Having a teacher is a good thing…there are a lot of hints that you can’t get from the books, articles, or youtube videos. It’s immediate input, as you are doing it! I’m much happier with the ones I did in class than with any I did on my own.


  1. Today I received the latest issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited and it had an article on Doodle Quilting. The article begins with a reference to the Zentangle movement.

    In another part of the issue there was a blurb about a book from AQS called “Zentangle Art to Go,” and its focus on incorporating Zentangle designs in Quilting.

    So I will eagerly await your future quilt projects using Zentangle motifs!


    • I have worked on some zentangle ideas in the past, but never as something immediately recognizable as based on that. I’m eager to do something new, really based on the idea of pattern, with the shading that makes it so much richer. Some of the drawings that I have made had color and it’s not the same. I really, really like the black and white aspect. It should be fun to play with this idea, too!


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