Fall…and then some!

Once again we are into my favorite season. I walk around ogling the trees and falling in love with color. The gold in my life is more from the trees than jewelry, for sure, and I am so happy to see it every year!

16-golden-tree 16-golden-leaves

Can’t get enough…and the REDS…ooh….aaah…love this season.


And let’s not forget the October roses–

16-oct-roses 16-oct-roses-2

Hadn’t done any sewing for more than a few days, but couldn’t resist this any longer. It was there and ready to grab for some relaxing time with a needle.


Each hole now has a circle of embroidery and circle of beads around it. I really want more beading to connect the holes, but I’m not sure of how I want to do that.

hole-y-beads-close hole-y-beads-2

I have some larger flat beads that I thought would work, but unh-unh…no! Probably end up with masses of beads meandering over the surface, but all suggestions are welcome.

Part of my contemplation this past week has been about what my studio space needs–besides cleaning, that is! I have so much stuff that I’m starting to feel overwhelmed rather than energized when I go in. I need to purge, but I’m too cheap to GIVE everything away, even if I could find someone/organization to give it to! And I am definitely not the garage sale type, so I guess that leaves –what? Using it? I can’t sew that fast! There are certainly some things that will be easy to divest myself of, and some things that I will never give up. Even if I keep most everything I have, it needs to be sorted, organized, cleaned and stored. I think that will be the focus of my studio time until winter sets in hard. There are a couple of big projects that I want to work on, but they are long term and should be slow and thoughtful.

Today–still contemplating and being lazy and it still feels pretty darn good!


8 thoughts on “Fall…and then some!

  1. I agree with Jessebatya….focuse on the lighter pathways of the circle quilt. I actually found some of them a tad distracting…..maybe the additional beadwork you desire could help tame those areas (to be less harsh??) thereby creating a more integrated piece? Just my humble thoughts.


  2. Well. You and I are in the same, over crowded and over stimulated boat girl. I don’t want to get rid of stuff even if I don’t want to use it. I just don’t know (shakes head) I need to go thru again, and be without ruth, and really let stuff move on to a better home, where someone will love it not ignore it.
    I am trying to do that with fave clothes that do not fit too. And dish towels. And books. LeeAnna


    • You are absolutely correct! There must be a recovery group somewhere for those with our dilemna. After all, we have admitted that we have a problem and that IS the first step! I will be trying to find a solution–or at least a better system of organization!


  3. Hi! I love to read your blog posts – always inspiring! Looking at your featured piece, with the holes (really cool, btw) – you mentioned wanting to perhaps find a beaded way to connect the holes. As I pulled back to look at your piece, I can see that the background fabric (dark blue and white) seems to have “natural paths” in that the white splotchy lines seem to connect the holes as they are! So, what about doing something ON those white “paths” that already exist? Just a thought.
    I am in the middle of moving my (tiny) studio to a larger space in the house – and having to sort and toss, but mostly just keeping everything – because, what the heck – you never know! I can get rid of other stuff – extra jars of expired spices, linens that really don’t fit, clothes that don’t fit – pots and pans I rarely use. Seems like my “art” junk just needs to stay, because – ya never know!


    • Totally agree–anything other than the art supplies, easy to purge. Art supplies–not so much! Right now those lighter lines do not inspire me. Too straight, I think. I may make curvy bead lines within them…haven’t had any time to study the piece. Life is very busy right now, but I’m hoping for some dedicated art time in a few days!


  4. We have a group in our guid called Saturday Strippers. They work with nothing but 2 1/2 inch strips. I am now cutting strips from any fabric that is wide enough to make jelly rolls. Love the look of the strip quilts and it certainly helps with storage.


    • Strips would certainly be the most efficient use of the hundreds of fat quarters I have, but I would be tired of sewing with them very quickly! I need some squares and rectangles. Wonky 9 patches are my favorite blocks. Just have to get busy doing it!


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