Getting back to normal

Our wonderful leaf raking day brought out my favorite little zombie guy and Halloween capped off a wonderful weekend.


Now back to my beading project!

The decision has been made, for good or bad, to add beaded swirls around the holes. As an added design layer, it puts a visual of the movement of the stars I’m seeing in my imagination. The stark and straight nature of the light areas is overlaid with action and color.


Still not sure how much more will be added, but I’m not sure the swirls will be the end of this.


The avoidance of the studio continues…can’t quite bring myself to start the huge process of cleaning and re-organizing. It will come. It has to, but I’m really not looking forward to it!

Bead on!!!!


10 thoughts on “Getting back to normal

  1. I absolutely love your piece! The “vines” add so much! And the straight pieces inside the circles accent the circles so well – love the contrast. Keep on what you are doing – I am inspired!
    I’ve just finished purging my studio (well, almost) – and it feels so good. Still have more fabric than I’ll ever use. More ideas, more sketches. I need to stay alive to try to get it all done. Had planned on making a quilt for my granddaughter and grandson – will have to wait for next Christmas. Oh well. Just not enough time to get it done.
    The bits of pinky/purple in your background cloth intrigue me. Do you ever consider using sequins (like maybe the same sort of pinky/purple) kind of scattered about – don’t know if that would be overwhelming or if it would just add another dimension. Just a thought.
    It is simply a wonderful piece! Thanks for sharing!


    • Right now my hands don’t know what a needle feels like…so many things going on that I haven’t had a minute to sew. And I have used sequins but I don’t think this piece will need them. After I finish up the beaded ‘vines’ I will start to assess what else it needs, but am leaning towards more stitching rather than more bling!


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