Home and gone again!

Finally home from Florida, and very happy that my family is so strong and supportive during this time of sorrow. I’m also so very glad that we are an irreverent bunch that can find the humor in any situation. We cried a little and laughed a lot and said a final good bye to my mom, with all the love we have.

And now I have to organize myself to go and teach two workshops and give a lecture in Grand Rapids, for the West Michigan Quilter’s Guild. I bring quilts when I do a lecture so I haul a LOT of stuff. That got organized today…I think.


The stuff I bring for classes usually only takes a small box–nothing compared to the pile of stuff for the lecture. I am so thankful that I never had to do this for a living. My admiration for those who do raises each time I pack up and go. Of course, that’s the reason many teachers are forced to present slide lectures. There is just no way you can fly around the country with a bigger suitcase for your samples than you need for your clothes!

Haven’t had a chance to re-introduce myself to the concept of needle and thread, and may not be able to do that for a while. My studio had never been the shining example of neatness and organization that some people enjoy, but right now it’s too bad for even ME!

studio-mess-2 studio-mess-1

Every where I turn I see messes like these and it must be addressed before I can function again! I’m always complaining about how much ‘stuff’ I have and whining about needing to get rid of some of it, but I think I have truly reached my limit. It seems to be a common theme right now among many of the bloggers I follow and I think we all suffer from the same disease…addiction to beautiful fabric!

My schedule is very light after Thanksgiving, all the way through Christmas, so there will be action taken! I don’t promise to have a total studio makeover, but I will return the space to functional!

It will also be a time for me to take stock of my intentions. What is it I truly want to do? Certainly I have changed directions over all the years I’ve been a textile addict, but I know that there are things I will not revisit. That’s where I need to start at least.

In the meantime, I get to teach again! Hooray!



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  1. I am also taking some time off during the holidays to just be able to hit the ground running in January. I have finished every project but this has been a tough year for illness at my house. So, it is good to be thinking about a new year.


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