Cosmic Winds

Sometimes pieces name themselves. This one is now Cosmic Winds and I’m so happy that I finally got to work on it some more.


I think the beading is done, but it needs more stitching. My first thought is to do a simple echo of the beading.


I will be using the same variegated floss that I used around each circle, but maybe it needs to be all six strands. Or…do I need to continue the circles until they meet or overlap? Don’t know an easy way to figure it out without simply trying it out!

Stitching time is at more of a premium than ever before right now. By next week, things should be more relaxed. Looking forward to some quiet time for Thanksgiving. I’m almost positive I can see a nap AND dessert in my future there. In the meantime, I get to take a class and teach 2 classes. It always thrills me to show people a new way to play with fabrics and tap into their creativity. Busy, busy, busy, but fun, fun, fun!!!


10 thoughts on “Cosmic Winds

  1. so detailed as usual. I never thought I’d say this but your studio rivals mine for mess!!! Tell you what, I’ll come sort yours and you can come sort mine. Or we will do it together, and neither one of us will throw a thing away!!
    The stuff required for speaking, and teaching is massive. I drive to gigs so I wonder at the people who fly.. where’s the stuff go? LeeAnna


    • Right now my studio rivals *anyone’s* for mess…it’s uninhabitable! The table is partially cleaned off, but only because I packed that stuff in the suitcase to go teaching! Can’t wait ’till next week when it’s No Excuse Time and I’ll start to get it fixed up again!


  2. This is one of my favorite pieces. I love seeing what you are doing with it. I miss beading. I have developed tendonitis in my hands and cannot do it for a while, so I will just content myself with planning and watching how you progress.


    • Ouch! Overuse of our hands limits us all at times and it’s frustrating. Thanks goodness there are so many options with textiles…if I can’t do hand stitching, I can do machine work for a while!


  3. I love the name! It totally fits! A thought about how to “try out” what you are thinking of doing – how about simply laying the floss where you think you’ll be stitching it – just to get an idea of how it will look. ?? I just love this piece!


    • Oh, man! That suggestion made me slap my forehead and say Duh! Of course that’s the way to do it. I’ll make an excuse that it was late at night when I wrote the post and my brain was already asleep. Thanks!


      • LOL! I’ve experienced, as have all of us I guess, the same thing. Something seems obvious, but when you are exhausted – shoot, it just doesn’t occur to you. Luckily, I had the light of day, and some sleep, and so the “answer” just literally jumped out at me. Hope it works! I can hardly wait to see the end product. My two favorites parts of this piece are the embroidery and beading, of course, but also, weirdly maybe, the straight dark blue lines in the center of the cut-outs. YUM!


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