My improv…

When I’m teaching an improv class, I’m sure to let the students know that there are many ways to do improv piecing and designing. There is absolutely NO WRONG WAY, but we all have our favorite methods and of course that’s what we teach. My favorite method is the stack/slash/switch method because you get a lot of related ‘elements’ in a very short time.

This past week my students had fun making stacks of elements, even though they had no idea what they would be doing with them! (And I’ll ask pardon in advance–I’m pretty sure I didn’t get everyone’s piece. I forget to take pictures during classes and sometimes miss things when I’m hurrying to make up for it!)

Things started making a bit more sense to them when they started to lay them out, either on the design walls or tables.

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It takes quite a while to get an arrangement that you like and even longer to get it sewn together! You can spend an hour or a week at the design wall stage–you just never know!

It was another great time for me…and I always hope my students enjoy what they are doing,too! Now I am home, no teaching, for almost 8 weeks. Holiday events will fill in any spare time I might have thought I had, but it is so good to be home with family for the whole holiday season!

I plan on being back to some sewing tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even have something to share with you. If not, it’s because I am too relaxed to write a post!