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Not getting any cleaning done, but I’m not going to subject you to any of that until it’s all done. (And that could be soon or it could be never!)

My next deadline is fast approaching! I have to have a class-selling sample ready to photograph and submit by Dec. 10. This is Dec. 1 and I’m still not sure of the best way to proceed. Here’s how I go about my planning, even though I don’t have it all figured out.

The class concept has been decided. I will be teaching an embellishment class, one day, with embroidery, beading, couching and working with unusual or non-traditional materials. This is the sketch I made of what I want the design to look like, except I haven’t decided if I want the more traditional look (not oak leaf, but smoother edges!) or the abstract look, multiple pieces or just two.

new-class-6 new-class-7

Now what size do I think we can successfully complete in a one day class? Ten inches is too small to make into anything useful, though if we start with a 12″ square and finish at 10″ it could be a small pillow or a pocket on a tote or skirt. That’s what I decided to go with…starting with a neutral. Next decision is what to make the leaves out of. I want to offer a variety of fabrics besides that traditional cotton. Silk, organza, wool and another size decision…


Too small, so I went with an 8″ square. First half of the leaf decision made. Now for the half that will actually be completed first in the process. Applique in a strong, contrasting color?


Or very neutral?


Or simply drawn onto the background fabric?


And what about using a very dark background?


Do I make samples of all these variations? Or decide on one, spend a goodly amount of time making it beautiful and use that for a single class sample? At least for that sample photograph!

Still many decisions to be made, but the process is started. I’m thinking that the best way to go is with a kit, with fabrics, beads, trims available. More thinking on this part of the class, too!



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  1. I don’t know if this will help….but my guidance to the instructors I invited to teach on my quilting cruises/tours was: (a.) kit (b.) make a lesson plan for 6 hours of instruction….then cut it in half. We always think we/students can accomplish more than is really practical in a workshop.


    • I have been a victim to that time element both as a teacher and a student! I am very inexperienced with kits, though, so that part is going to be tough! Don’t want to have too much nor too little, do I? Better to err on the side of too much–makes people happy and gets rid of more of my stuff!


  2. Well, I had a great find while cleaning and looking through some old projects. I found my very first art quilt that I did with the art quilt group at our guild. I had put it away because I did not think it was good enough. But now I think I did a pretty good job and should exhibit it. Maybe I will run across some other treasures or get some new ideas.


    • I want an easy to divide into 2 parts leaf, so a gingko won’t do for what I want to teach. And it will be through the Ann Arbor quilt guild–Quilt University this summer.


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