Following the ‘what-if’ path

The new class design is decided and drawn out. Took several tries. My first attempt was a totally symmetrical leaf but that was pretty darn boring. Adding in a little curve helped.


I thought making a copy for each student would work for sharing the pattern. Though you can see to trace through the light fabric background, I thought making templates would be a better option.




Especially since I have decided to make my first sample with the dark fabric background. And so you know, I use colored pencils in light colors when I need to mark…BUT it’s usually when I’m going to follow the lines very closely. If there is a chance that your lines will show, do a test wash of your selected marker first.


And what shall I use for the other half of the leaf? I have lots of silks, but wouldn’t some sheer organza be fun?


Or some lovely soft wool? Or a real novelty fabric like dyed cheesecloth?


There seem to be too many ‘what-if’ trails to follow. I believe I will have to illustrate several of those options, but that will be impossible to get done by Dec. 10, my deadline for the publicity photo. So I will make a relatively conventional decision on this, I believe and get a finished sample. Then I will try to make several of the other ‘what-if’ ideas as quickly as possible. That way if there is a chance to submit a better photo, I’ll be ready for it.

Now I need to get off the computer and get to work!