Embellishment choices

I’ve often said that sometimes having too much from which to choose is simply TOO much to make a choice!


OMG! I have so many embroidery thread choices, as well as fabric choices…too much…

I had to decide on what would be the best choice for a class sample out of the light backgrounds and embroidery only pieces, or the dark background.


And I went with the very dark background. I also selected a piece of plaid silk for half of the leaf and will do embroidery only on the other half.


And to make it even more conventional, I turned under the edges of the fabric, as if I were going to gasp!–applique. Not to worry–I have not gone over to the traditional side. This is going to be sewn down with embroidery stitches, more embroidery and beads…pretty!


Good start, but not quite enough for a full class, so I added a bit more and this is what I ended up with.


On a side note, a few months ago I bought a Sticky Roller for lint and it was still sitting in the box. Look at all the lint on this dark background.


Time to break out that lint roller!


Wooo-hooo! One swipe and it worked like a charm! Hooray!

I have those other two light background pieces finished and I’m working on the embroidery only piece. I feel like the more options I can show in the actual class, the better the class will be.


Personally, I like pink a lot, but many people don’t, so when I decided to go with pink, I needed to do everything I could to make things look NOT pink! No pink thread or pink beads!


And this piece…well, I love orange and I totally let myself go with it. Just look at these lovely little orange beads.


I’m very relieved to have all those choices and decisions behind me now. It IS the Christmas season, after all, and there might be a thing or two I’d like to decorate. I might even want to buy a few presents…shhhh!

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  1. Love the leaves! I’ve got leaves on an experimental quilt I’m working on, and I like what you’ve done a whole lot more than what I’ve done. This will be the last experimental quilt I do with paint sticks. Such a mess!


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