Aaaand…they are done!

Finished this last leaf sample for the new class I’m working on.


Only embroidery and a few beads without any extra fabric. I really like the way this came out. In fact, I’m liking the whole idea of this little series.

I’ve been taking particular notice of people’s blog posting and FB posts that use fabric with raw edges and semi-sheer fabrics and vintage fabrics. I’ve had a title for a piece in my head for a long time and many of the materials that I wish to use are set aside waiting for time to work with them. I’m going to work on a combination of  these two ideas…small pieces with those materials and embroidery and beads and also that larger project that has been haunting me. In general, I think it’s exploring different materials but I want to do a thorough job of it, with smaller, concentrated pieces and with a large…could be very large…piece expressing my main idea.

Need time to start and some time to think and plan, but having multiple pieces to work on at the same time is a very happy place for me. Can’t wait to get started…

Along with clean up of the studio and some fabric I want to dye for another big project and Christmas stuff…life is revving up to top speed again and I’m getting excited to go with that jet stream for a while! I may not be cut out for sitting around doing nothin’, even though I think that’s what I want!


8 thoughts on “Aaaand…they are done!

  1. Really like your new direction. I’m sure that you upcoming student will enjoy it. I can’t see you being happy sitting around doing nothing! Enjoy.


    • I have been able to sit around doing nothing now and then, but it sure doesn’t last very long! I’m ready already to start something new and I always have a stack of UFO’s to work on. It’s my fun!


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