Okay, okay…

I must confess to a bit of OCD. I made those leaf embroidery pieces for the new class and thought I was done with them. However, I had one extra square cut out and I just could not let it sit there when it was obviously crying out for a leaf!


Pretty plain so far–the fabric is wool and I’m eager to get started on it.

I’m also looking at our tradition of giving each child an ornament for Christmas. I’m thinking of making some felted and stitched ornaments, but not liking what I have so far. I’ll show you what I have if they get finished and don’t just end up as dryer balls!

But I used to make a lot of ornaments and I have some that I like a lot.


It might be time to make some more. Especially the cathedral window ones…


One of my all time favorites. AND I’m doing embroidery now and beading, which I wasn’t doing when these were made. Perhaps I’d like some of these more than the felted ones.

We shall see!


4 thoughts on “Okay, okay…

  1. One of my quilter friends has a lovely cathedral window wall hanging with blue windows on which she used beads at each corner for embellishment.


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