Ornament of the Day

Pretty much what I’m doing this week–experimenting with different types of hand made Christmas ornaments.

Today I tried an alternate “felted ball” technique. You are supposed to start with a styrofoam ball, so I picked one up from the store…they only had one size and it seemed rather large. The next step is to needle felt roving right into the styrofoam, until it is covered. Welllll….let me tell you, that is NOT the way I want to spend the next two years of my life. The roving did not want to stick to the styrofoam and even with my multiple needle felter, it was slooooooow.

Short cut! Wrap the roving, felt in a few spots to help it hold together, then throw it in a plastic bag with hot water and a little soap. Manipulate the bag kinda gently over the surface of the roving and it will felt itself small enough to surround and stick to the ball. It only took a few minutes–really! Dried it quickly with a hair dryer and hand felted into a few thin spots. Done in less than half an hour and doing it by hand would have seriously taken hours and hours!

That’s step one. The fun part began with addition of colored roving for a snowman face, hat, scarf and carrot nose! Love this ornament and will be making more, as soon as I find more styrofoam balls.


Learning curve–I think I will make future snowmen smaller on the balls. This one is so large that you can’t see the hat or scarf without moving the ball around. Ideally, you want to see the whole picture at once.

It’s really been a lot of years since I’ve taken time to make Christmas ornaments. I had forgotten how much fun it is. Looking forward to making lots more!


12 thoughts on “Ornament of the Day

  1. The snowman is adorable! I also like the ornament with the embroidery. I’ve recently been trying out some embroidery on my quilted pieces and I’m liking the effect I’m getting. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This ornament is so cute! I love it- I just finished my ornaments for this year but this looks so cool to try for next year! I actually think I might even have some styrofoam balls sitting around leftover from something else! Thanks for sharing.


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