Well behaved snowmen

Continuing on with snowmen…I found that my shortcut doesn’t always work. Some of the roving that I have does NOT want to felt when I put it in the bag. I had two balls that looked like this one.


Fortunately, despite what it looks like now, this is not a disaster. After it dried out, I simply smoothed it over as best I could and added another layer of roving. The needle felting worked and it ended up looking like this.


This is the other ball that misbehaved in the wet felting attempt. I turned it into a camouflage effect (I might know someone who would want it!)


THIS is how they are supposed to look when you take the wet felting shortcut.


I can’t tell you which type of roving misbehaved, since much of what I have was given to me. For me, it’s just a guessing game, trial and error and part of the process.

My little family of snowmen were very well behaved when it came time to pose for pictures, though. Not a one of them protested!


And it’s bitterly cold today, so they should be very, very happy!

Now…on to a different style!


6 thoughts on “Well behaved snowmen

  1. Totally adorable. I too have some gifted very coarse roving and found they are good for ‘fillers’, with merino roving over it which then allows the whole bunch to felt together.


    • I don’t know much about wet felting at all…just that it’s a lot of work. And I know even less about types of roving, but I now know that not every type will felt over a styrofoam ball! But in the end, I’m very happy with these little guys.


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