Stack of fabrics

Today was a day with no pressing chores to do, no appointments–a day made for playing with fabric. I’m done, over it, for making more Christmas ornaments, but don’t have the energy to start a “real” creative project. So I did what I always do–grabbed a stack of fabrics from the scrap pile.


I’ve been wanting to play with triangles like I saw in someone’s post a few days ago. Stack and cut–right up my alley. The thing to remember, though, is to cut right through on one side and cut down a little from the top on the other. That gives you room to trim without cutting off your point.


Switch the triangles and sew each side…and I hit a “Duh!” moment. I sewed the full cut side (right side in the picture) first and then sewed the shorter cut side.


It will work, but take a closer look at the top.


It’s supposed to have the full cut side covering that shorter cut side! I did sew the rest of the them the correct way

stack-of-fabrics-6 stack-of-fabrics-5

and now I’m trying to decide if I want to combine them with some other blocks that I created on another ‘stack of fabrics play day.’


I have plenty of additional fabrics from both stacks.


I can just keep going and make a full size quilt or I can try to make some artsy stuff and keep them separate. I’m leaning towards ‘making’ because I do want to use things up. But those triangles are so cute! Not enough of those brights to make a full quilt…but maybe I have enough hand dyes to fill in when I run out of prints.

Stack of fabrics play days always lead to something even if it’s not at all what I expected!


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  1. Looks like it will be a fun, colorful project. Like the light blue with the oranges because it makes things pop. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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