Barely sewing…

The days around Christmas have always been relaxing, do-nothing times for me and this year was no exception. Jigsaw puzzles are a big part of how I spend my time and sometimes I actually do get a little sewing done. Not so much this week, but I did a little thinking about sewing!

When I put up the scrap fabrics I had stitched together on the design wall, I wasn’t sure where I was going with them.


Making the triangles is a super easy process, but I also saw a couple pictures with related tutorials about making wonky triangle blocks as I browsed the internet this past week. I have a LOT of fabric that I could put into this piece and having several methods of using up those scraps allows me to use all sizes of scraps and end up with blocks the same size…okay, that’s part of the design decision process.

This piece is only going to have the triangles, not the other chunks of scrap pieces. Those are all in a colorway that I also have tons of, enough to make another whole quilt, at least! I also decided that I’m not going to make my triangle blocks different sizes…probably not! I’m going to start out with that plan, but if it gets too boring, I’ll throw in some sections with different size blocks.

The plan here also is to concentrate on the contrast between the light and dark. The blocks will vary with some dark triangles and bright backgrounds and vice-versa. So with all those design decisions made–and not much sewing done–this is where I’m at with the quilt.


I’m going to keep going until I use up all the scraps in this designated “group” even if it makes enough for more than 1 quilt! It can be back and front or two quilts. I don’t care…I just need to get rid of some of my mountains of scraps and this is a start! I need to stay disciplined enough to avoid the distractions of new projects and pretty fabrics.

Wish me luck!


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