Aaaand….we’re going THIS way!

Well, I persevered and did not take a nap instead of sewing! Decisions were made, though I did not get as far as assembling the quilt top.

Yesterday, my design wall had this layout of blocks. Not a true design layout; just put up on the wall as the blocks were made.


I made some multi-fabric blocks and added them to see how I liked them.

tropical-triangles-5 tropical-triangles-4

Yep-worth the time it took to make them, but I’m not going to have very many of them. And I will NOT be placing the blocks randomly. I only want it to LOOK like I did!

The blocks are all trimmed now and ready to start assembly. I trimmed them to the same height so rows will be easy to put together, but the widths will be different. The columns will not line up and I think that will be much more interesting.


There is still a small pile of fabric left. If I were a pillow person, I’d make some pillows to go with the quilt. For now, I can let the pile sit there–without guilt! But that fabric WILL NOT be returning to my stash. I am done with it!


Bag of scraps will be going to another home, one way or another!

One more day of sewing should get this top finished. First full size quilt in a long, long time and it feels good!



8 thoughts on “Aaaand….we’re going THIS way!

  1. I think that your idea of staggering row blocks is great –I love the colors–very vibrant and rich. Great improv work–looking forward to seeing how it all comes together….hugs, Julierose


    • Quick and easy–scraps give a whole different look and feeling than if I had used a single background color. And using dark colors makes a huge difference, too. Staggered rows look good on the wall…we’ll see!


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