Something new–again!

While I really need to stay at the sewing machine and try to put a dent in my fabric stash, I’m always easily distracted! I got a set of cutting blades for stamps today.


I’ve only tried stamp carving once before, in a class, and I really liked it. I have a ton of stuff for making stamps, like self-adhesive foam, hot glue, corrugated cardboard, foam core, shapes and pieces and bits and bobs, but not the carving stuff.

I took an old eraser, just like I used in my little class, picked up a blade and made some cuts! Didn’t even draw a picture; just wanted to get the feel of the blade.


When I stamped some fabric with it, I found out that it was not totally flat and it left a void in the center.


But with this simple carving it was easy to overstamp and fill in the void.


Feeling braver, I turned the eraser over and drew a little flower.


Picture of the carving was blurry, but here’s how it worked!


And then on paper


I’m sold on carving anything that is carve-able now! I’m going to try not to jump into stamping and neglect my sewing goals for the next week! Stash busting is at the top of the list for the next little while, with only a few little distractions allowed!



12 thoughts on “Something new–again!

  1. Try carving on the material that is “plumber’s gasket”. It is a little softer and easier on the hands and wrist. It’s in the plumbing section.


    • The carving itself isn’t that hard…it’s figuring out a design and knowing what to keep and what to carve away. I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle a complicated design!


    • Hobby Lobby, and I did not buy the expensive ones! Looked at Joann’s–don’t carry them– and Michael’s–had stuff but not the carving set. Now all I want to do is sit around and play with erasers and cutters!


    • I’m planning hand work for my next trip and I think this will be in the basket for sure. It’s a lot of fun and no perfection is needed! That’s my kind of exercise!


  2. I did a lot of carving in the past and now have a lot of supplies in a box, ready to experiment again. I have used a lot of the fabric I made as backgrounds on my art quilts. Works great.


    • I have a huge box of things to make stamps with–foam and acrylic stuff–but I haven’t done carving. It’s really interesting so far and I definitely want to do more of it.


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