Slow progress

This week is particularly busy for me, so I haven’t done much textile work at all. I had a few minutes today so I finally got my triangle quilt basted and ready for quilting. Let me give you a quick look at how I do it in my studio.

I actually had to clear everything off of my cutting table…that’s a big job! I did NOT clean up the floor all around the table!! This one is not a large quilt, so I laid it out lengthwise. If it had been any longer, it would have been better to drape the layers in the other direction. If you don’t have a large table like I do, this works fine on one of those folding tables and if you have room for two of those, you are golden!


I center the quilt on the table and roll back the top and then the batting. I spray the glue just on the exposed backing that is on the top of the table.


Then I unroll the batting and smooth it over the sprayed backing. I spray that batting and unroll the top and smooth it over the batting. The quilt gets scooted over and the process is repeated until I reach the edge of the quilt. Baaaaack to the center and do the same for the other side of the quilt. I also then flip the whole thing over to make sure there are no big pleats or wrinkles on the back. I like to let a freshly basted quilt sit at least overnight before I start quilting it. I can’t swear that it keeps the needle from gumming up, but I also haven’t had any gummed-up needles this way!

As always with spray baste, try to keep your area well-ventilated. I run a fan close to the floor, just to keep the air moving. There is always going to be overspray, whenever you use anything sprayed from a can. You can cover all the surrounding surfaces with plastic, newspapers or an old sheet, which is washed and re-used or you can plan on scrubbing the floor. Nothing is better than another; you just have to be prepared to deal with overspray.

I also tried to use up every last bit of the scrap pile this came from and I came pretty darned close. These two little pieces are ready to stitch on and I’m really feeling withdrawal from lack of beads, so these must be beaded!



You might recognize these as the pieces I used to demonstrate putting faced holes in blocks. I still have two blocks and a few scraps, but I’m tired of this bunch of stuff. It’s going to be the start of the pile that goes to live somewhere else. Every little bit that goes away is a plus for me now.

Of course, when I stopped in to the quilt store today for a sewing machine needle, two yards of fabric also had to come home with me…but I’m going to use it at a workshop this weekend, I swear!

Looking forward to a real slowdown after this weekend. Only have to prep for two Florida engagements and that’s mostly my ‘regular’ stuff. There could be a major hand stitching overindulgence coming up!