Couch potato time!

My immediate teaching and learning opportunities and obligations are fulfilled! I have a couple of weeks to relax before the next  class and then I’ll be on a vacation. I can feel myself slipping into lazier and lazier by the minute. However, when I get lazy, I am not idle. For me, it means that I have time to leisurely knit or embroider or sew without interruption and that is the greatest possible luxury.

My 1 Year of Stitches project was a little bit stalled. I keep stitching on it but I’m not liking it very much. I moved it to a separate page on this blog simply so that I can more easily see my progress on this year long project. I thought I was done with this piece of fabric


but I added more circles to it and I’m going to fill it up some more. At some point I’ll call it done and start on something else, but it IS very nice to have something always at the ready when I have a few extra moments. You can see detail photos here if you are curious.

There is a big pile of stuff in the studio that needs sorting out and an even bigger pile that didn’t make it downstairs. This all needs to be sorted and re-packed for my next teaching adventure in a few weeks.


That is, if I can motivate myself to get up off that couch!