My “whacky” friends…

I’ve mentioned before that my family and I call my group of art quilting friends the Whacky Quilters, even though our group actually voted on the Knot Even Quilters name. We had a meeting last week and what’s the first picture I took?


And why are we called the Whacky Quilters?!!! Oh, and I know that crazy wacky is spelled one way and chopping whacky is spelled another, but we are crazy ladies who whack up fabric…

The plan was to learn about making fabric paper, which I talked about on this blog a few days ago. I learned a lot from what they did!


Starting with set up–using plastic or waxed paper in a pan. So easy to move pieces out of the way and continue working. It was a duh! moment for me, since I put my pieces directly on the plastic covering my table and had to quit when the table got full. Duh! Duh! Duh!

They used cool tissue, multicolored, glittery, small pieces, layered. I’m sure I didn’t get a picture of each example, but I got a few.


And adding things like grasscloth, yarn and ribbon and even cheesecloth…I loved it!

keq-1-17-6 keq-1-17-5 keq-1-17-3

Can’t wait to see how well things hold together after they dry. That’s part of the experiment, too. If we can’t sew into it, then it’s not really fabric “cloth” but a nice collage. We shall see!

This truly is a wonderfully creative group of women and they inspire me. So glad we found each other!