What is your ultimate goal?

After griping about how much fabric I have and not enough sewing time–yet again–one of my friends asked me what my ultimate goal for the fabric is. That really made me sit back and think.

Certainly it’s not going to go into the trash. It’s good quality new fabric for the most part.


I’m waaaaay too cheap thrifty to give it away, even to my guild charity sewers. That’s simply not an option for me.


It all came into my house because I love it, every piece, and thought I would use it.


And I really want to use it all up and make wonderful art.


But really, what IS my ultimate goal for all of it?

I want it to be gone so that I can make my art from fabric that I have created.

Moons of Ios

Moons of Ios

Yep. I am a fabriholic. I cannot resist it. I am definitely a hoarder. But I’m not getting it used and that’s a crying shame. What to do…what to do…what to do…I’m really thinking hard on this one. The best I’ve come up with so far is to block out some time on my calendar and make quilt tops, all day, every day. And then keep using the fabric to make quilt backs, all day, every day. Even if they never get quilted by me, that way there would be a chance for all that fabric to be useful rather than just sit on the shelf. Someone could quilt them or give them to charity after I’m gone–I won’t care then!

Are there better ideas? I’d love to hear them. I DO have a goal now and I’d love to think that it really is attainable…but I’m getting older fast so I have to work quickly now!

Wait–a goal without a timeline is just a wish, right? Then I’d like to have it mostly done by September…sufficiently far away that it sounds possible. Ready–aim–go for it!





9 thoughts on “What is your ultimate goal?

  1. I hear ya……it’s such a common problem for us…..but how very fortunate for us to have the problem of too much fabric! Commercial fabric no longer interests me all that much either….but I continue to try to find ways to incorporate it into my work….though I suspect I don’t have nearly the stash you do.


    • I do feel that I have a very extensive stash, but I know that mine is not nearly as large as some of my other friends. What in the world will we do with this over-abundance? I feel obligated and committed now to using as much of it as possible. It’s that growing-up-with-guilt thing…you know–“Clean your plate because there are starving children in China.” My green beans will not help them, but my quilts may help someone here!


  2. All of those black and whites and can be overdyed beautifully. One of my favorite uses for them. Then they can be paired up with your hand dyes for improv/art quilts. It will be very difficult for you to use some of that because of your dislike of traditional quilts. I make a lot of scrap quilts with mine. As well as bed quilts for Ann Arbor and for friends and family with patterns that are more challenging. Or easy but look hard! The blocks we made in last Sundy’s class are what I have decided to use in the quilt for our bed. Well, until I saw something else in a book I just borrowed from Mel. Listen to me talking like I am actually getting rid of fabric. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAA!


    • You are sooooo funny! I am going to do my best to use up fabric, but I’m leaning toward patterns that look hard but are really easy. Might have to get one of those ‘quilts from fat quarters’ books…though I do have a more than a few patterns laying around the studio already!


  3. I am making children’s quilts for the squad cars here in Springfield. It is one of the projects adopted by our quilt guild. Many policeman have to go to homes and remove children who are in danger. They keep these small quilts in their cars to give to the children who are traumatized by abuse. I feel good about this and can either get fabric that has been donated to the guild or I can use my own fabrics. I am cutting a lot of my stash into 2 1/2 inch strips and making my own jelly rolls. These fabrics are odd sizes or just not big enough for big projects.


    • Awesome! Sounds like a wonderful project. I’d probably do well to find a few simple patterns and start making…absolutely know I couldn’t make the same pattern over and over! Worry about what to do with them AFTER I quit talking and start doing!


  4. I understand completely where you are in your thought process and what you are saying. I will not have enough time to use up what I have, yet I seem to continue to pick up more. Sigh! The worse part is, I see what you post and I say, oh look at that black and white I don’t have that one, or look at those circles, Kathy has such great taste… I’m so sick! The worse part is, I’m here in Chile for 3 months without fabric, without needles… only ideas and the ads that keep coming to my mailbox. It is not a good situation.


    • Oh you poor dear! No sewing supplies for three months? Awful! You absolutely must get to a market and get a needle and thread and just stitch on something–anything–or you’ll go nuts!


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