Did you hear the brakes squealing?

My brain took an abrupt turn around all the projects I have hanging around my studio and I practically got whiplash from the spin!



and this


are now going to be merged into one project!

I couldn’t decide what to do with either one of them separately but suddenly it seemed perfect to slam them together!


I threw them up on the design wall and tried out a couple of sashing fabrics. Here’s how round 1 came out.


One more row top and bottom and suddenly I have a full size quilt!


I’d put a little border on it, but I don’t have any more of the yellow sashing fabric and nothing else really seemed to fit. And the best part is that I have only a tiny pile of scraps left.


The strips equal about one more width of the quilt and they will be fine to go into any back I put on this. I’m feeling pretty good about my Use Up the Stash efforts this week!

Now–I almost forgot that I have a group project that is due a few days after I get back from my next trip. I won’t be able to take it with me, so I guess that jumped to the top of the list, didn’t it? And it’s one of those that I can’t show you until later. S0……………busy, busy, busy!


12 thoughts on “Did you hear the brakes squealing?

  1. I have found that yellow/gold and or turquoise are very good unifiers for scrappy quilts. Hard to go wrong. Good thing you were paying attention! That is perfect.


    • Once upon a time, I had made so many quilts that all used yellow/gold, that I swore I would *not* do it again! But you are right–it goes so well with so many things!


    • Sometimes you just get lucky! It was seeing all that green, on the design wall, on the cutting table, by the sewing machine…it seemed like it needed to be together in one quilt!


    • You are so right! Either better or a new idea sparks things up again. I’ve not yet found a piece that needs to go in the trash…only because those are still on a shelf, waiting for that final decision!!!


    • You never need much of yellow with all those other colors, but it sure did help to pull it all together. Almost as if I had planned it from the beginning like that! Sometimes things jump off the shelves and you get lucky.


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