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Creative Seasons is the name of an art group of which I am a member. We are having an interesting challenge right now, called Chinese Whispers. Similar to the old game of telephone, each group starts with a photo. We have enough people interested that we actually have several small groups, but we are all starting with the same photo.

We then create a quilted piece based on an aspect of the photo that appeals to us. The second person in that group then gets to see the finished first piece but NOT the original photo. Her piece is based on that first piece and then she shows her finished piece to the next person and so on. I’m not sure how many rounds we will do, but I’m sure that the final piece will be far removed from that original picture. Can’t wait!

In the meantime, while I’m working on my piece, we can’t show anyone! So what will I have to show you? Pieces parts, I guess! Nothing in the composition itself!

My cutting table was cleared and clean just a couple of days ago. Not so much now.


Part of my interest in this challenge is that I want to use less opaque fabrics, such as organzas, so that’s where I’m starting. Spent the best part of an entire day adding texture to my chosen fabrics…simple twin-needle stitching, but lots of it.

cs-whispers-challenge-2 cs-whispers-challenge-3

I had a minor moment of excitement when I found this piece that I had dyed a bright green. It should make a wonderful highlight color.


Then came adding fusible and cutting into small strips…


a large pile of little strips! I might be nuts before this project is done.


However, I do want to do more intentional, thoughtful art and taking the time to place these strips exactly where I think they need to be is part of that process. I may or may not be able to show you more as I proceed with this project, until the end. You can imagine me, though, playing with a pile of organza strips and hoping I’m nowhere near a high wind!


16 thoughts on “Hidden Challenge

    • For those like me who don’t speak French, here is the translation: This is a great challenge, I have done the same kind and the end result is always very surprising.

      I’m very ready to be surprised by this one. I think it will be amazing!


  1. was a member in 2008 of a CW exchange in a postcard form (we were a spin off from art2mail #19 ? from all over USA and one from England!) Each of us started our own link, a sentence, a card and sent to the next person in order that card. I think we were 6 in all and when all mine returned, i pinned them to a length of wide lace so we can see the progression.i just found that exchanged and will hang it up again while looking for something else…. wish i could include a picture!


  2. What an awesome idea. I saw results of a challenge similar to this a few years back and it was interesting to see how the thought processes moved from one quilt to another. The fact that you have several groups going will be fascinating. Can’t wait to see the results of all, but I’m really intrigued to see what yours looks like with the organzas.


  3. Very interesting, both the challenge and the mystery of the sheers. I am really looking king forward to the results. You will show all of them in the series eventually won’t you? Not just yours. Oh, and the source picture please.


    • It will still be several months before this challenge is finished, as we have long working times. I can hardly wait to see all the projects myself AND that original photo! I will show all when it’s done, for sure!


    • This challenge is so different from any other I’ve done. I’m excited to see all of our finished products, too! (Your email is not working again, by the way!)


    • Thought drawing was supposed to be relaxing! Your drawings are amazing. Try zentangles or hand sewing for a break. I can’t wait to see how this challenge turns out, too!


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