Traveling, not sewing

These first three pictures continue my fascination with hotel carpet designs. They were all in the same hotel, but I hate the first one. Looks just like a snake crawling down the hallway! And I don’t think it’s a good match to the other parts.

2017-hotel-1 2017-hotel-2

I particularly like the floral/viny part of this.


This one is at the next hotel and I like the idea of the holes…especially since I’ve been playing with holes in quilts!


Nothing else happening right now, but it’s fun to do my elliptical and then hit the pool. I like that a lot!

Next stops will be lectures and teaching, so there may be a few more days with nothing to report. I’m suffering sewing withdrawals!


6 thoughts on “Traveling, not sewing

  1. I have a photo file that is called Ugly Carpets where I have been collecting photos of various hotel, conference, and other places carpets. Friends have started e-mailing or texting me their finds. LOL!


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