My fingers are sore again!

Yep-my fingers are sore from stitching-and I love it! That only means that I have found time to get back to doing what I love the most, hand sewing.

Mostly, though, I started out feeling very disappointed. Planned on stitching on the project-that-I-cannot-show-you. You would think, with all this thread that I brought, that I would have any color needed.


EVERY color–except black! How could I not have black? Nope–none, and not a store close that sells it. Sooooooo….once again that project got set aside. I need it three days after we get back from this trip, so guess what I’ll be frantically doing after we return? And the sewing machine that I use for finishing my edges is at the spa…I will need to put the thinking cap on and figure out an alternative edge finish for this one!

Good thing I always over-estimate how much time I will have sewing. I brought along two extra pieces that the embroidery thread is also intended for–and I do have the right colors for that!


This is project one and I have started it! It has so many pieces and parts and colors that I wasn’t sure where to start. I picked a bright, variegated perle cotton and simply started!


As I finished this first triangle, I made a decision to stick with that same color thread throughout. There needed to be at least one unifying factor.

Going to continue on with this one until I run out of that thread…hope there is either enough to finish or that it’s a purchased thread and not one that I dyed. But since improv is what I do………….onward!!!


8 thoughts on “My fingers are sore again!

  1. Yes, you will probably need to stock up on blacks when you find them, however I am sure you can find a substitute for the black. We have a fantastic bead store here, but we have no yarn stores. The only good one is in Branson. They also sell every kind of embroidery thread you could ever want.


    • I loved that bead store we went to when I was there with you! And I have a ton of black–it’s just at home and I can’t believe I didn’t bring any! A real *duh!* moment!


    • No black? Amazing! I don’t use it a lot, but if there is any type of thread sketching involved, black is my favorite! Wonky stitching always seems to look better in black to me! However, I recently went looking for a piece of solid black fabric and I do not have one single piece of that! Weird!!!


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