VERY sore fingers now!

I stitched and I stitched and I stitched and I used up all of that variegated thread that I started this project with!


It was enough to get a layer of stitches throughout the project–but where do I go now?

tri-fl-5 tri-fl-8 tri-fl-7 tri-fl-6

I can add more stitches to the triangles, and the cut-out triangles and the background rectangles or some combination thereof. But not with that same thread. Of course, I can look for more of that thread when I get home. I believe that it was a purchased product, not one that I dyed. Or I can use some of the 20 skeins of floss in that thread bag that go with what I have! Probably, in the spirit of unity, I should put on a lot of beads that are the same, don’t you think?

My beads and beading supplies are at home, except for the ones I bought down here. None of them are right for this project. Do I need to buy more? I DON’T think so…and thank goodness the store is closed for two days. I may get out of here without another stop there!

In the meantime, I have another project that I can start on. Similar to this one, but a bit more subdued. I’ll give my fingers a bit of a rest and then I’ll begin on that!

Love stitching!


13 thoughts on “VERY sore fingers now!

  1. You have really outdone yourself on this one. Wow, you have some great fabrics in your blocks and the stitching really unifies the whole thing. Yes, you need as many beads as it will hold. Love it.


  2. I have come to really enjoy the hand-stitching part of any project. Your blog posts are very inspiring and give me some ideas of different things I could do also! Your work still seems to call for BEADS! (Oh dear! – you didn’t bring them with you. ) Well, it is still gorgeous the way it is. Love it!


    • Well, I did purchase a few, but we’re traveling again now. I wish I could sew in the car, but carsickness has dogged me since childhood, so I’ll just ride and be a tourist! Can’t wait to get stitching again!


      • Oh man! ME TOO! I’m in my mid-60’s now, and still suffer from motion sickness! I cannot ride in a boat (no way, no how), can’t fly, must sit in the front seat of the car! I GET IT! I see these folks blog about stitching in the car, and all I can think of is NO WAY! And, like you, I’ve been this way all my life. What a bummer! Good part is I get to look at the scenery!


        • I can do the boat thing, but I’ve never been on a big ship so don’t know about that. Flying is no problem, and the front seat is still the best! I’m so happy there are audio books that hubby and I can both enjoy.


          • My step-father was in the military and when I was about 3 years old, we had to take a SHIP from the east cost of US to Europe, to where he was to be stationed in Germany. I was told that I spent the entire trip in the cabin, throwing up. I have used different kinds of aids when I’ve had to fly – but usually end up throwing up anyway. Gee, what a FUN conversation! Anyway, back to your work – you get me inspired! So thank you!!!!!!


          • LOL! I’m sorry! I should add that when our daughter was in middle school, I was a chaperone for a long field trip – on a bus. Had to sit in the front, right behind the driver. BUT, the real neat part (ugh) was that there were old historical little boats (with paddles) and they wanted us to get in them. I TRIED. I put one foot in the boot from the dock, and had immediate nausea and was seeing stars. Needless to say, I got back on the dock, and did NOT get on the boat. Severe motion sickness. Having said all that, I DO hope you do just fine. Just keep looking WAY far out the window – the further you can see, the better – at least for me! And enjoy the audio books! I’ll be happy when you get back home, to finish up this project. I want to see what you decide! Don’t get sick! And don’t worry!!!!! Hugs!


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